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Archive for April, 2008

FlashTracer in Ubuntu (Hardy) 64-bit

author Posted by: thijs on date Apr 25th, 2008 | filed Filed under: flash

There is this nifty firefox plugin that lets you see the trace messages of Flash files in your browser called FlashTracer made by Sephiroth.

To use this plugin you have to download the flash debugger player.
As you cannot use the provided flashplayer installer in the package, as it collides with the 64-bits architecture, you have to use ndiswrapper to do the job.

After unpacking the archive, find where the file is located (probably flash_player_9_linux_dev/plugin/debugger).
Then open-up a terminal and type:

  • nsplugginwrapper -i /full/path/to/

(in my case: /home/myname/flash_player_9_linux_dev/plugin/debugger/

After that, hit Alt + A (default shortcut for the flash tracer) or go to Tools -> Flash Tracer to start tracing away!

  • OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron ) 64-bit
  • Using: Firefox 3 beta 5, Flash debug player 9.0.124 (also works for 9.0.115)

handy .htaccess settings I use in a row

author Posted by: Tim on date Apr 16th, 2008 | filed Filed under: linux

I always keep on reinventing the wheel when it comes to .htaccess settings like for automatic redirect to https://, utf-8 character settings or custom error documents. Here are some settings I use.

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AsteriskNow install stuck at /sbin/loader

author Posted by: thijs on date Apr 16th, 2008 | filed Filed under: voip

Update (25-04-2008): Fixed with new VirtualBox 1.5.6

After upgrading Ubuntu to 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and upgrading VirtualBox to 1.5.6 the problem does no longer occur!

AsteriskNow install gets stuck at /sbin/loader when using VirtualBox

None --> Use VMWare

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