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Hiding TextArea border in AS3

author Posted by: thijs on date Jul 8th, 2008 | filed Filed under: flash

TextArea shows a border by default


Using a TextArea in actionscript 3 could come in handy as the Flash component adds in a ScrollBar by default. But it also provides some things you might not want there..

One of those things is the border, that is placed there by default.

Inspired by the solution posted here I found that you can override the skin that is used by default in the component ("upSkin") by using:


by overriding it with a Sprite, which is empty by default, all the visual aspects are cleared... including the border!

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tag2 Responses to “Hiding TextArea border in AS3”

  1. Angus Said,

    until you click on it, you also need

  2. Ksahif ali Said,

    gr8 help thnx

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