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Finding windows driver for Vid_15a4&PID_9015

author Posted by: Tim on date May 29th, 2008 | filed Filed under: windows

For my mac I have the Equinux Tubestick but I guess there exists a lot of similar products with the same chipset. When connecting it to a windows computer it is recognised as a "DVB-T" with Device instance id "Vid_15a4&PID_9015". Google with this information gives a few hits but it is hard to find that it uses a chipset of Afatech Technologies.

Windows driver can be downloaden from select the AF-9015

Darwin Streaming Server 5.5.5 under Leopard

author Posted by: Tim on date May 13th, 2008 | filed Filed under: macos

Trying to run the Darwin Streaming 5.5.5 server under Leopard will not work. If you look trough the logfiles you will see the following error:

  1. /System/Library/StartupItems/QuickTimeStreamingServer/QuickTimeStreamingServer: line 19:
  2. /usr/sbin/QuickTimeStreamingServer: cannot execute binary file

Somehow this version of Darwin Streaming Server does not work under macos 10.5 (Leopard) this can be fixed by using the binary from an older version. I did the following steps to get it running under Leopard.

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Installing netatalk under CentOS 5 with Leopard support

author Posted by: Tim on date May 2nd, 2008 | filed Filed under: linux

I had a old installation on our personal server of Netatalk withouth encrypted password support. This is fine when you are on your local network and use Tiger but with Leopard this is no longer supported.

I used netatalk-2.0.3

First time I tried to install under centOS5 I got an error

cnid_index.c:277: warning passing argument 2 of 'db->stat' from incompatible pointer type
cnid_index.c:277: error: too few arguments to function 'db->stat'

after some googling I found out that this has to do with support for an outdated Berkeley DB.

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FlashTracer in Ubuntu (Hardy) 64-bit

author Posted by: thijs on date Apr 25th, 2008 | filed Filed under: flash

There is this nifty firefox plugin that lets you see the trace messages of Flash files in your browser called FlashTracer made by Sephiroth.

To use this plugin you have to download the flash debugger player.
As you cannot use the provided flashplayer installer in the package, as it collides with the 64-bits architecture, you have to use ndiswrapper to do the job.

After unpacking the archive, find where the file is located (probably flash_player_9_linux_dev/plugin/debugger).
Then open-up a terminal and type:

  • nsplugginwrapper -i /full/path/to/

(in my case: /home/myname/flash_player_9_linux_dev/plugin/debugger/

After that, hit Alt + A (default shortcut for the flash tracer) or go to Tools -> Flash Tracer to start tracing away!

  • OS: Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron ) 64-bit
  • Using: Firefox 3 beta 5, Flash debug player 9.0.124 (also works for 9.0.115)

handy .htaccess settings I use in a row

author Posted by: Tim on date Apr 16th, 2008 | filed Filed under: linux

I always keep on reinventing the wheel when it comes to .htaccess settings like for automatic redirect to https://, utf-8 character settings or custom error documents. Here are some settings I use.

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AsteriskNow install stuck at /sbin/loader

author Posted by: thijs on date Apr 16th, 2008 | filed Filed under: voip

Update (25-04-2008): Fixed with new VirtualBox 1.5.6

After upgrading Ubuntu to 8.04 (Hardy Heron) and upgrading VirtualBox to 1.5.6 the problem does no longer occur!

AsteriskNow install gets stuck at /sbin/loader when using VirtualBox

None --> Use VMWare

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